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About: Dexters is a one of a kind experience. A true touring center for skiers and snowshoers, with classic tracks, and no skating trails. No highways to ski here, just cozy wooded trails with spectacular views, in a natural setting, and based at a timeless country Inn. We suggest the use of short, or so called mid-length, touring skis. The lodge has common rooms for day guests, and the fires are lit every afternoon. Lunch/Brunch is served Weekends and Holidays. Adjacent to our groomed trails is the Webb forest with many more miles of trails for public recreation. Alpine skiing and snowboarding at Mount Sunapee is just 5 minutes away.
TRAILS OPEN: No Grooming After 3/14/2010

Trail Roundup: We have had a great ski season, but with limited skier numbers this weekend,(3/14-15/2010) it seems that it is not viable to groom the trails again this year. There is plenty of snow to continue the use of the trails,(It is snowing Saturday night 3/14) so if you want to come in, we will continue to operate the trails. There are some icy and bare spots now, but also areas with significant snow on the trails. We would suggest that you use snowshoes to explore the trails, but if you are very cautious skiing will be possible. Trail use will be at your own risk, so skiing with a partner is suggested. Services may or may not be available on the day that you come in, so call. Ski in control at all times, and avoid all ponds and the creek area as the ice is no longer safe. Call ahead to see if we still have snow, or to make sure someone will be here, if you need rentals. Rooms are available on most days. Call Ahead: 603-763-5571

Dexters is unique. Our trails are on open access land, and the only trails that we can close are those right by the Inn. Most of our trails in the Webb Forest, and in the Simpson Preserve are open to use any day of the year.

If you have visited us before you will notice some changes this year. We have more beginner trails near the Inn, which will make this an even better place for families to enjoy. There is an apple orchard planted on the Old Alpine Slope. This has changed our trail flow a little, and that change has actually made for better trail flow. Its funny how that can happen. There are still 2 open slopes with fresh snow for turning on the downhills, and the packed perimeter loop around the orchard is really fun.

Call for updated conditions if this page is out of date..

Call 1-800-232-5571 or 763-5571 for further plans & Inn Details

Trails Are Open:
9 am to 5 pm
Total Trails Open:
Varies with snow melt
Tracks Set:
Backcountry Open:
Sno Country Conditions:
Snow Packed on Trails:
1 to 24 inches 3/15/2010
Snow Unpacked at Ski Area:
0 inches to waist deep 3/15/2010
Snow Type:
Spring conditions
78.5 inches
0 inches
Weather Saturday -
Weather Sunday - Snow, sleet, and/or rain possible, 35 degrees
Open (1-800-232-5571)
Brunch/lunch Saturday & Sunday Call Ahead (1-800-232-5571)
Dinner Saturday and Sunday Call Ahead (1-800-232-5571)
Special Events:
Horse drawn sleigh rides: again next year
Lodging and trail packages: Call (1-800-232-5571)
Trails will stay open, but grooming ends March 15th
We try our best to give an honest and timely account of conditions, and our plans for grooming, etc. This is an outdoor activity, so changes to weather, environmental changes, and unforeseen circumstances can lead to changes and deviations from our plans, and from our latest observations. We want people to be happy, and feel like they get what they expect.
Innkeeper John Augustine
258 Stagecoach Road, Sunapee, NH 03782 USA
Phone: 603-763-5571 Toll Free: 800-232-5571
dexters@tds.net   www.dextersnh.com