X-C Ski & Snowshoe Conditions

Report for

Saturday March 28th


Flatter/easier trails open for x-c skiing.  No grooming.  All trails open for snowshoeing.

Last day for this season will be Sunday March 29th


The Inn is open daily with cozy warming room, water cooler, guest microwave, and guest refrigerator. 

X-C ski & snowshoe rentals for all ages when trails are open.  Rental equipment must be used on our trail system only.

No lunch or dinner available on 3/28 or 3/29


Given how much snow we had to start with, there is still good snow coverage.   The surface, however, is variable conditions depending upon the time of day and the type of precipiation received.  We are expecting one to two inches of snow this morning.  We are done grooming for the season.  The flatter/easier trails are available for x-c skiing with the tracks set for last weekend still in place, though deteriorated by the weather during the week.  All trails are open to snowwhoers.  Sunday March 29th will be the last day for the season.

We believe that taking a lesson will greatly enhance anyone's understanding & enjoyment, will minimize the frustration that can be associated with learning something new, and will give you the confidence to explore more of the trail network.  Our "We Love Beginner's" special includes a one-hour group lesson, equipment rental, and use of the trails for the remainder of the day for just $38.  The group lesson takes place at 10 am on Saturdays & Sundays.  Advance reservations are recommended.  Private lessons are also available at mutually convenient times.  


Light snow in the morning with one to two inches of accumulation expected.  Forecast high temperature of 29 degrees.  Sunny with a forecast high temperature of 39 degrees for Sunday. 

New Snow

Dusting overnight.  1 to 2 inches expected this morning.

Base Depth

10 to 30 inches 

Surface Conditions

Light snow on top of wet granular, frozen granular and hard pack.

Kilometers Open for Skiing

5 km 

Percent of Ski Trails Open


Kilometers Groomed

0 km

Kilometers Tracked

0 km

Kilometers Skate Groomed

0 km.  No skate skiing available at any time

Kilometers for Snowshoeing

30 km

Thought for the Day

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance.  The wise man grows it under his feet.